…without overwhelm, time-consuming practices, or special herbs and tools. No experience required. Introducing…






Are You Ready For Stellar Self-Care?



The Dosha Remedy includes everything you need to transform your health with Ayurveda.


You’ll feel awesome, get more done, and be more present in your life with proven self-care strategies designed for modern times.



 By the end of one week or less, you’ll have an exciting self-care routine you can implement in less than 10 minutes a day. With everything you need to keep it up week after week, month after month.


You won’t get bored as each practice is customizable for what YOU need to feel nourished, balanced, and cared for.

Here’s How The Dosha Remedy Will Support You!

The Dosha Remedy will help you create game-changing self-care you can stick to...

 so that you feel healthy, empowered, and inspired every day.

Each module delivers a new self-care practice that’s fun and easy for you to absorb, understand, and put into practice.


The Dosha Remedy at a Glance

When you have a daily self-care practice in your life, you connect to your health and well-being in a way you never knew you could.


And when you live an authentically healthy lifestyle, you’re more likely to stay on track with your wellness… No longer getting trapped in unhealthy patterns of negative self-talk and self-sabotaging behaviors.


You'll feel empowered, productive, and energized – supported by your ability to care for your health in a significant and meaningful way.


The Dosha Remedy makes self-care fun, easy, and delicious. Because it gives you guidance, practical solutions, and flexibility.


All for less than a trip to the grocery store.


Valued at $127, grab it now for just $67!

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Brenda R.

“When you see people write reviews that say, ‘Talya saved my life,’ I am one of those people. Ayurveda truly transforms the way you think about your life and your health.” 

Kelsey B.

“Ayurveda is about listening deeply to the wisdom of our own body-mind. When I’ve followed Talya’s advice, I’ve noticed a greater sense of wellbeing, peace, and synchronicity permeate my life.” 

Cindy C.

“Talya makes Ayurveda look and feel exciting. Now I create and maintain daily habits of self-care that empower me. I have so many ways to nourish, nurture and take care of myself - in ways that nobody else can do for me. I listen to my body now.” 

Sean S.

“Ayurveda gives us so many powerful tools to transform body and mind. Talya is amazing! She's so knowledgeable and just as relatable. I trust her a lot and I don't trust just anyone!” 

Amy A.

“Talya’s guidance and generous teaching makes Ayurveda make sense. So I’m able to apply it to my life, lose weight, gain energy, and feel like ‘me’ again.” 

Rakesh Singla

"I can't thank you enough for making it so simple and doable. Thank u Thank u Thank u!!"









Tessa H.

“5 Stars. Talya’s knowledge of Ayurveda and her approach to personal health and self-care have enriched my daily life through the years. Everything Talya offers is permeated with healing energy and love."

Bryce R.

“Talya has a deep understanding of the human body, the human psyche, and nutrition. Under her care, I have been given life-saving recommendations that have never once failed to guide me back to health, body and soul. She is incredibly in tune with herself, her clients, and the world around her. A boon for those seeking effective holistic care as an alternative, or supplement, to the often impersonal and incomplete care we find in Western medicine.” 

Rebecca B.

“Talya is so good at what she does: I have changed my life as a result of feeling healthy and enthused about self care. Her knowledge is beyond compare, her generosity immense, and her enthusiasm infectious.” 



You’ll instantly FEEL BETTER through the self-care habits you learn in this course.


You already shape your body, mind, mood, and spirit with what you do repeatedly. Ayurvedic self-care helps you shape your body into the one you really want!


You’ll get personalized guidance on how to balance your dosha and THRIVE.


You’ll fortify your life with proven techniques that take your health and well-being beyond what you thought was possible!

I stand by the quality of this course. The video lessons alone will help you transform your relationship with self-care!
That’s why all sales of this course are final.